• Craig Trans

    The Bolivian-flag tug “Craig Trans”, with IMO number 8424551 arrived at Halifax, Nova Scotia on 18 December 2012, with engine and generator problems, during a voyage from the Panama Canal to Montreal, Canada. When “Craig Trans” arrived, the Pilot noticed that the Port anchor was missing. On 19 December 2012, Port State Control Halifax was informed of the problems with “Craig Trans”, and three PSCO’s visited the vessel. There were “clear grounds” to detain “Craig Trans”. 53 serious deficiencies had been recorded. The owner was informed immediately, but did not arrive for four days. When he arrived, the crew were in the Mission to Seafarers. The owner immediately began verbally abusing the crew; he was evicted from the Mission on a 911 call. “Craig Trans” was sold at auction to a scrap-metal dealer

  • M/V Suat Bey

    M/V Suat Bey, with IMO number 9070515, arrived in Catania (Italy) on 9 November 2013, with a standard risk profile. Classification Society was Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Recognized Organizations issuing statutory certificates on behalf of Flag State were Phoenix Register of Shipping (for ISM certificates) and Universal Shipping Bureau Inc. (for all others). ISM Company was Team Chartering & Shipping (from Turkey). Crew members were from Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey and Georgia. The ship was selected for inspection according to Paris MoU selection criteria (priority II ship) and boarded by a PSC team on 11 November 2013.

  • Guidance on Eligibility of yachts to Port State Control

    The mandate for port States to perform Port State Control (PSC) inspections is provided for in each individual International Convention.

  • M/V Oceanic Force

    Coming from the Caribbean the gas carrier M/V Oceanic Force approached territorial waters of Spain on 12 December 2011. On 15 December 2011 the ship undergoes a more detailed inspection at the anchorage at the northern area of the Las Palmas port. During the inspection 35 deficiencies were found of which 11 were ground for detention. As a result of the inspection the ship was detained

  • Paris MoU deficiency code list

    Deficiency code and description. Paris MoU deficiency code list, effective per 1 February 2014