• M/V Hudson Leader

    M/V Hudson Leader arrived at Bremerhaven in the evening of 28th August 2014.The vessel had a standard risk profile and the last PSC inspection was done in April 2013. The ship had Priority I. Two PSCOs arrived the next morning at the vessel for an inspection. During this inspection 43 deficiencies were revealed of which 17 were considered as ground for detention and 38 were ISM related. On 29th August 2014 "Hudson Leader" was detained. Due to the obvious sub-standard of the vessel (severe detainable deficiencies in several areas), the inspection was suspended. Flag state and RO were informed about detention and suspension. A local shipyard estimated a minimum of five days work with three shifts of 24 hours per day for rectifying all the deficiencies. After all repairs were done and all deficiencies found satisfactory rectified "Hudson Leader" was released from detention on the afternoon of 6th September 2014. She continued her voyage via Emden back to Asian waters with a 8 days delay.

  • Fuel oil availability

    The purpose of the guideline is to provide advice on the implementation of Reg. 18 of Chapter III of Annex VI of MARPOL on Fuel Oil Availability.

  • Information on detention and action taken

    The document provides information on grounds for detention and on the use of the standard action taken codes relating to an individual deficiency or to the PSC inspection itself.

  • M/V Kamil

    M/v KAMIL, managed by Seahorse Denizcilik Ve Muhendislik Ticaret Ltd. of Istanbul (Turkey), arrived in Palermo (Italy) in the evening of 29th of January 2014 for loading grain. An unexpected factor for cargo problems was issued and the ship became Priority II. A port State control team boarded the ship in the early morning of 3rd of February. A complaint about the poor hygienic condition on board was received by the ITF on the same day. A more detailed inspection was carried out. The poor situation on board (equipment, living conditions, fire safety, outstanding not rectified deficiencies etc.) confirmed the team its first impression and after a few hours it was clear that the ship was in a substandard condition. In total 81 remarks were found of which 18 of them were ground for detention.

  • Joint press release CIC STCW hours of rest

    The Maritime Authorities of the Paris and the Tokyo Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) on Port State Control will launch a joint Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) with the purpose to establish that watchkeeping personnel are meeting the requirements regarding hours of rest as per STCW 78 as amended (including the Manila amendments).