Expanded inspection

 An expanded inspection shall include a check of the overall condition, including human element where relevant, in the following risk areas:

1. Documentation
2. Structural condition
3. Water/Weathertight condition
4. Emergency systems
5. Radio communication
6. Cargo operations
7. Fire safety
8. Alarms
9. Living and working conditions
10. Navigation equipment
11. Life saving appliances
12. Dangerous Goods
13. Propulsion and auxiliary machinery
14. Pollution prevention

and subject to their practical feasibility or any constraints relating to the safety of persons, the ship or the port, verification of the specific items in these risk areas listed for each ship type must be part of an expanded inspection.

The inspector must use professional judgement to determine the appropriate depth of examination or testing of each specific item.

Inspectors must be aware that the safe execution of certain on-board operations, e.g. cargo handling, could be jeopardised by tests carried out during such operation.

The expanded inspection will take account of the human elements covered by ILO, ISM and STCW and include operational controls as appropriate.