More detailed inspection

A more detailed inspection will be carried out whenever there are clear grounds for believing, during an inspection, that the condition of the ship or of it's equipment or crew does not substantially meet the relevant requirements of a relevant instrument. Clear grounds exist when a Port State Control Officer finds evidence, which in his/her profesiional judgement warrents a more detailed inspection of the ship, its equipement or its crew. The absence of valid certificates or documents is considered a clear ground. Other examples of clear grounds can be found in Annex 9, paragraph 6 of the MoU text.

A more detailed inspection will include an in-depth examination in:

  • the area(s) where clear grounds were established
  • the areas relevant to any overriding or unexpected factors
  • other areas at random from the following risk areas:
    1. Documentation
    2. Structural condition
    3. Water/Weathertight condition
    4. Emergency systems
    5. Radio communication
    6. Cargo operations
    7. Fire safety
    8. Alarms
    9. Living and working condition
    10. Navigation equipment
    11. Life saving appliances
    12. Dangerous Goods
    13. Propulsion and auxiliary machinery
    14. Pollution prevention

The more detailed inspection will take account of the human elements covered by ILO, ISM and STCW and include operational controls as appropriate.