The PSCO will exercise professional judgment in determining whether to detain the ship until the deficiencies are rectified or to allow it to sail with certain deficiencies without unreasonable danger to the safety, health, or the environment, having regard to the particular circumstances of the intended voyage.

When a PSCO considers a detention, he/she will apply the following criteria:

.1 Timing:      Ships, which are unsafe to proceed to sea, will be detained upon the first inspection irrespective of the time the ship will stay in port;

.2 Criterion:   The ship will be detained if the deficiencies on a ship are sufficiently serious to merit a PSCO returning to the ship to be satisfied that they have been rectified before the ship sails.

The detention of a ship indicates the seriousness of the deficiencies. It implies that the PSCO will have to return to the ship to verify that the deficiencies have been rectified before departure.

However, it does not impose such an obligation for every case. It implies that the Authority will verify one way or another, preferably by a further visit, that the deficiencies have been rectified before departure.

More detailed information on detentions and actions taken by the port State can be found below "Downloads"