The general cargo ship “ALI B” (ex “ANNA MARIA”) with IMO N° 8418253, flying the BELIZE Flag, coming from TENES (ALGERY) arrived in the port of ‘Marina di Carrara’, Italy on 13 November 2016 for cargo operations (marble chips and blocks). The ship was allocated with Priority 2 in the information system, due to outstanding deficiencies (16) according to the previous port state control inspection (in Portugal). No surveys or repairs were planned for the port call. On 14 November the Maritime Authority of ‘Marina di Carrara’ received information about a complaint by the deck cadet regarding the captain’s refusal of payment of due wages. This complaint was already reported to ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation). The PSC team went on board, together with ITF inspectors, taking the current CIC on MLC matters into account. During the first approach the Port State Control inspectors noticed the unsafe gangway hanging outside the quay with a broken net and without any required marking. The inspection was suspended and continued on the next day. When the PSCOs left the ship, after more than 20 hours of inspection, the total number of recorded deficiencies was forty-three (43). Thirty (30) of them were ground for detention


    MV "HUANGHAI DEVELOPER" with IMO number 9458444 flying the Hong Kong flag, arrived at Hamburg - Germany on 9th of August 2016 for cargo operation. No survey or repair work was planned for the port call. In the morning of 10th August 2016 two PSCOs boarded the PI/TW vessel to carry out an INITIAL INSPECTION as requested by the Paris MOU inspection regime. During the approach to the vessel the first impression was not that bad. The paint of the hull seemed to be in an acceptable condition and no damage of the hull could be observed. At this time both PSCOs had no idea that they would spend all day on board the vessel to perform an inspection and fight against language barriers with the Chinese crew. The first deficiency was already recorded when the PSCOs stepped on the gangway. After recording the first four deficiencies the PSCOs changed the type of inspection from INITIAL to MORE DETAILED. When addressing any of the deficiencies to the crew nobody could explain when or why the specific deficiency occurred. The MV HUANGHAI DEVELOPER is not the worst ship the PSCOs had ever seen. But, she shows what happens to a just 3 years old vessel if the complete ISM system collapses caused by a total lack of maintenance and motivation. At the end of the day 24 deficiencies were recorded. 11 of them with ground for detention. The vessel was arrested for 3 days before she was allowed to continue her voyage. Read the full Caught in the Net report for more details.


    M/V ARFETISALLE flying the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO flag, with IMO: 8509038 called at the port of Kalamata (Greece) on the 26th of January 2016 for bunkering and berthed early the next day on 27th January. The ship, according to the THETIS database and the Paris MoU procedures, was eligible for an initial (IN) or more detailed (MD) inspection and was indicated as Priority I (PI). The inspection team consisted of two PSCO’s who visited the vessel on the 27th of January 2016. Before the embarkation the PSCO’s proceed the appropriate check of the external condition of the hull, the draft marks and the other basic/unique characteristics of the vessel such as her name, port of registry and IMO number. As the external condition of the vessel was at acceptable standards the PSCO’s couldn’t imagine what the situation, they finally faced during the inspection, on board of the ship was. A first impression already arose when the PSCO’s were not asked to identify themselves during the embarkation by the responsible crew member at the gangway. As a result, the first deficiency was noted. In general, during the more detailed inspection fifty-nine (59) deficiencies were found. Twenty-six (26) of them were considered as a clear ground for detention.


    (CLICK on picture for presentation) M/V “YONG GI” flying the flag of REPUBLIC OF SIERRA LEONE, with IMO number 8035104, called at the anchorage area of the port of Kalamata (Greece) on 15th of January 2015. Due to the fact that the ship was not responding to the several VHF calls from the local Port Authority, a unit from the local coast guard branch visited the vessel in order to execute an appropriate check. The district PSC office of Kalamata was informed by the master of the vessel that the ship suffered damage to the steering gear during her voyage from the port of Bar (Montenegro) to an unknown destination. The PSC office was also informed by the coast guard unit about the overall substandard condition of the vessel. During the inspection 40 deficiencies were found, of which 28 were considered ground for detention. As a conclusion to the above and due to the fact that the overall condition of the vessel was obviously substandard, the ship was detained. On 21st May 2015, after re-inspection of the vessel and the submission of all the relevant documents to the responsible PCS office, by the responsible parties (Flag State, RO), the detention was lifted. The majority of the deficiencies (36 of 40) that were found during the first visit had been rectified. For the remaining deficiencies appropriate actions taken were set to ensure rectification. The ship departed from the port Kalamata on 22nd May 2015 after being under detention for more than four months.

  • M/V Hudson Leader

    M/V Hudson Leader arrived at Bremerhaven in the evening of 28th August 2014.The vessel had a standard risk profile and the last PSC inspection was done in April 2013. The ship had Priority I. Two PSCOs arrived the next morning at the vessel for an inspection. During this inspection 43 deficiencies were revealed of which 17 were considered as ground for detention and 38 were ISM related. On 29th August 2014 "Hudson Leader" was detained. Due to the obvious sub-standard of the vessel (severe detainable deficiencies in several areas), the inspection was suspended. Flag state and RO were informed about detention and suspension. A local shipyard estimated a minimum of five days work with three shifts of 24 hours per day for rectifying all the deficiencies. After all repairs were done and all deficiencies found satisfactory rectified "Hudson Leader" was released from detention on the afternoon of 6th September 2014. She continued her voyage via Emden back to Asian waters with a 8 days delay.

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