Selection scheme

Ships are selected for inspection based on a calculation of the history of inspection and generic factors (such as age, shiptype, etc.). Each aspect of the history and generic factors is weighed and the outcome is a priority indication.

The selection scheme is divided into two priorities:

  • Priority I: ships must be inspected because either the time window has closed or there is an overriding factor.
  • Priority II: ships may be inspected because they are within the time window or the port State considers an unexpected factor warrants an inspection.

The priority and the level of selection will be shown for each ship in the information system.


Can a PSC inspection be ordered by the ship company?

Under normal circumstances a ship company can not order a PSC inspection. In case of laid-up ships the PSC authority will be in contact with the ship company to plan the PSC inspection if the ship must be inspected.

What is the meaning of "missed inspection”? Does it mean the inspections which cannot be done due to the busyness of the port?

A missed inspection is something which is related to a PMoU member only. Members have an annual inspection target and may miss a percentage without compromising their obligations.